We're Jealous of the Orange is the New Black Roller Skating Party

Netflix's Orange is the New Black cast is currently filming their second season — Yay! —and have posted some behind the scenes shots on Instagram of them enjoying themselves. There was even a roller skating partying, to which actress Laverne Cox, who plays Sophia Burset, wears a leotard and leg warmers. Can I come… » 1/29/14 12:00pm 1/29/14 12:00pm

Judge Judy To Crazy Eyes Lady: "Stop Looking At Me Like That!"

The description on my cable guide for today's episode of Judge Judy » 9/30/08 6:00pm 9/30/08 6:00pm indicated that it would be an awesome show: "The emotional burial of a pet Chihuahua leads to a violent assault between family members." The plaintiff was suing his brother for medical and dental bills after his brother and nephew beat the crap out…