Brooklyn Sewage Plant Offers Romantic (and Shitty) Valentine's Day Tours

It's nearly Valentine's Day (haven't you heard?!); what do you get the loved one who has already has everything? A tie? A trip to their favorite restaurant? Ugh, with these suggestions, it's like you want to get dumped. Instead, do something new and exciting: Take them to the Newtown Creek sewage treatment plant in… »2/12/13 10:25am2/12/13 10:25am


Class Canoe Trip Turns to Shit After Parent Chaperone Tricks Kids Into Eating Moose Poop

It's no secret that children can play awful tricks on one another, but you don't usually expect teachers and parents to be in on the prank. But that's exactly what happened during a class canoe trip in Manitoba, Canada, when a parent chaperone tricked two different students into eating moose poop. Karen Eyolfson says… »6/07/12 9:30am6/07/12 9:30am