NYC Attorney Out To Reclaim His Ex Wife From Feminism's Clutches, Get Laid Easier

About eight years ago, Roy Den Hollander was living the high life. He'd just returned to New York »8/18/08 5:00pm8/18/08 5:00pm from a decade working in Russia with a pretty, young, docile Russian bride in tow and was set to live the high life. Then he found out what all his friends and acquaintances in Russia knew but hadn't told him (and I know,…

Marc Rudov: Out To End The Oppression Of Men And Triumph Of Logic

Blogger, columnist, Republican talking head Marc Rudov is one angry guy. I'm not really sure what he's so angry about, but if his column this week is any guide, it's some combination of: his ex-wife; the fake idea that marriage is about love; his inability to say offensive things without offending women he'd like to… »8/06/08 5:00pm8/06/08 5:00pm