Sisters of Boy Mitt Romney Bullied Horrified by News of Cruel 'Pranks'

Following news that Mitt Romney's idea of boyish pranky hijinks actually involved hilariously pinning a gay kid to the ground and hilariously cutting his hair off while tears welled up in his eyes (hilariously!), the sisters of the bullied boy have reacted with shock and disbelief. And anger. They think the tale of… »5/11/12 1:50pm5/11/12 1:50pm

Mitt Romney Says He Doesn't Remember Being a Little Shit Who Bullied Kids He Thought Were Gay

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made no secret of his antiquated views on same-sex marriage: he's against them on the grounds that his personal marriage is threatened by two dudes who are in love with each other filing a joint tax return. But newly surfaced reports show that not only is Mittens a political gay… »5/10/12 12:40pm5/10/12 12:40pm