Your Diet Coke Habit Is Ruining Your Teeth as Badly as Meth or Crack

People are a little crazy about Diet Coke, right? Like more crazy about it than anyone should ever be about a beverage that they don't have to go to rehab for? Granted I've never been a big soda drinker so I do not speak as a representative of the Diet Coke community. I speak as someone who can't figure out why it's… » 5/29/13 11:00am 5/29/13 11:00am

Good News: 1980s 'Crack Babies' Epidemic Was Hugely Overblown

The narrative of the "crack epidemic" came to be a subject of frenzied media discourse in the 1980s. The pregnant crack-addicted body, in particular, became a location of acute panic — the media fixated on the idea of the "crack baby," the innocent soul born addicted to cocaine who, according to claims, was three… » 5/21/13 4:15pm 5/21/13 4:15pm

Group Pays Drug Addicted Women to Get Sterilized, So They Don't Have…

Have you been eagerly awaiting your opportunity to dust off your old Lady Hating Eugenicist Who Doesn't Think They're Racist Bingo card? Well, today's your lucky day. Meet Barbara Harris, the brainpower behind Project Prevention, a program that offers to pay female drug addicts to get sterilized. » 5/03/12 6:40pm 5/03/12 6:40pm

Meth Babies Are the New Crack Babies

As if meth wasn't heinous enough by itself, a new study is showing that the drug has lasting effects on children whose mothers use it during pregnancy. While this certainly doesn't come as a surprise—given how much meth messes up adult brains—it's nevertheless disturbing. Earlier research found that meth babies, like… » 3/20/12 10:40am 3/20/12 10:40am

Gym Invites You to Crack a Walnut with Your Rock Hard Ass and Then Eat…

This ridiculous ad for a chain of Russian gyms seems to be a wee bit confused about why people work out. There are plenty of reasons why people want to be buff, but being able to eat a nut that you've cracked with your bare ass is not usually one of them. And, in case you think it's disgusting to chew on something… » 2/20/12 11:15pm 2/20/12 11:15pm

Blake On Amy's Addiction: It's All My Fault

  • In an exclusive interview, Blake Fielder-Civil says: "I dragged Amy into it and without me there is no doubt that she would never have gone down that road. I ruined something beautiful." He admits he got Amy Winehouse hooked on heroin, crack cocaine and self-harm. "The first time Amy took crack she asked me, 'Can I…
  • » 12/01/08 9:00am 12/01/08 9:00am

Christian Conservative Community Organizer: Voting And Organizing For…

Last night, Daily Show » 10/31/08 4:30pm 10/31/08 4:30pm correspondent John Oliver sat down with several community organizers. He also talked to one bonkers -community organizing yahoo named Matthew Vadum, who said, "community organizers use crack cocaine in exchange for votes." But enough about , and onto Liz Shaw, an Ohio organizer who identifies as…

Amy Winehouse Finally Releases New Song: A Racist, Cracked-Out Ditty

Amy Winehouse is in hot water—sorta—for a home video she made with her husband Blake Incarcerated last year in which she sings some made-up racist lyrics to the tune of "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes," surrounded by crack pipes, mirrors and other paraphernalia (We say "sorta" because do people really get offended… » 6/09/08 1:30pm 6/09/08 1:30pm

Bobby Brown Smokes Something, Whitney Houston Bitches

Do you, like us, miss the holy wedded union of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown? Do you miss when they had "Something in Common", by which we mean, mood altering substances? Well, the folks at Street Carnage have posted some wonderful audio clips of Whit and Bob from back in the day. Street Carnage's Gavin McInnes… » 2/26/08 1:00pm 2/26/08 1:00pm

Amy Winehouse Performs Live, Seems A Little...Odd

The questions on everyone's mind during Amy Winehouse's Grammy performance (via satellite) of "You Know I'm No Good" and "Rehab" last night was whether or not the singer (currently in rehab) was actually sober. She seemed kinda...different. (Actually, she seemed really animated, and maybe we're just not used to seeing… » 2/11/08 11:00am 2/11/08 11:00am