Sarah Jessica Parker Hates Samantha Jones, Jess Seinfeld; Doesn't Mind…

Ok, so some gays sat next to Sarah Jessica Parker and her gays at a restaurant in New York the other day during lunch time. They learned the following things:
» 12/26/07 5:00pm 12/26/07 5:00pm

The end. You may now go back to contemplating just how monumental the opening of the movie is going to be and how our lives will never be the same afterwards.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Still Confusing Herself With Carrie Bradshaw

Almost a decade after Patricia Field made her into a style icon to millions of young women, Sarah Jessica Parker is continuing to torture the innocents of America with her, em, "contributions" to the fashion and beauty industries. Parker, having already slapped her name on a fragrance for Coty and an apparel line for… » 4/12/07 12:49pm 4/12/07 12:49pm