Blurred Lines Remixed With Cosby Show Is Summer's Best Music Video

If you're in the mood for a "Blurred Lines" music video that's more than "subtly ridiculing," then you're finally in luck: some majestic genius lurking on the Internet has set the song to the Cosby Show opening theme footage. As it turns out, they are really, really similar. » 7/09/13 5:15pm 7/09/13 5:15pm

Charming Sorority Girls Wear Blackface 'Cosby' Costumes

The six sorority members from University of Southern Mississippi who thought it was a good idea to go to a costume party in blackface are being punished — and all things considered, the sorority's response is pretty good. » 11/15/11 9:50am 11/15/11 9:50am

This Week We Choo-Choo-Chose Polyamory, The Cosby Kids, Mariah Carey…

  • Love was in the air this week, especially for these gorillas who were doing it missionary. From now on, missionary sex will be referred to as "gorilla style."
  • Maybe they should have bought condoms first, like the Golden Girls did. That Zbornak is always prepared!
  • Another old broad, Jane Fonda, said cunt on the Today
» 2/15/08 6:20pm 2/15/08 6:20pm