Women on Corporate Boards Are Better Decision Makers, More Likely to…

Yet another overview of corporate culture has come to the conclusion that putting women in leadership positions won't dismantle a company. In fact, shock of all shocks, having more female leaders makes companies even better equipped to rake in huge piles of money and solve internal dilemmas. » 3/26/13 1:10pm 3/26/13 1:10pm

Susie Essman Wisely Suggests We Turn Our Uteruses Into Corporations

If anyone could school the Republicans on reproductive rights, it'd probably be Susie Essman's no-bullshit character on Curb Your Enthusiasm. She'd insult them so hard their heads would spin, and then she'd have them under her command. It's too bad she's fictional, but fortunately the real Susie Essman also has a… » 1/27/12 9:30am 1/27/12 9:30am