Crying! Shitting! Stripping! Please Share Your Most Undignified Day At The Office

Keeping up with the new Wall Street Journal "Journal Women" website has been kind of fun! First there was this story about doing business in Asia, where women often find it a little bit awkward when following about six hours of Crown Royal-soaked karaoke their hosts try to pair them up with "hostesses" as if they are… »6/10/08 2:00pm6/10/08 2:00pm

Want A Better Job? Stop Working Right Now And Get Your Nails Did!

Want to get ahead in your career? Lose the saddlebags and spend an extra half hour on your hair every morning! That is the advice of career columnist and author Penelope Trunk, whose latest Yahoo! Finance column sent my internal monologue into, like, a million tiny fake orgasm-y yes yes yes oh godddddd yes-es »10/18/07 7:00pm10/18/07 7:00pm

So, I…