The Coppertone Girl Is a Little Creepy, Right? Just a Little?

Hey, parents! Have you always dreamed of your daughter being known worldwide as an oddly sexualized orange baby whose pants are eternally being eaten off by a dog? Well, your day has come, my friend! Merck & Company is reviving their classic "Coppertone girl" campaign with the "Little Miss Coppertone" contest. The… » 5/03/12 4:40pm 5/03/12 4:40pm

On Tanning: A Conflicted Soul

I love a good tan. Not the fake stuff; the lightest coating makes me feel like Snooki (and smell like her too, probably). No, I need to brown myself in real sunshine. And yes, I understand this is bad. » 4/27/10 6:20pm 4/27/10 6:20pm

The Top 10 Female Product Advertising Icons & The Actresses Who Could…

From Tony The Tiger to the Michelin Man, every pop culture kid is exposed to product advertising mascots and icons. Most of these critters are male, but sometimes — especially with baking and food products — the icons are female. Or were female. An image of "Betty Crocker" used to be on boxes of cake mix; now her face… » 7/17/08 1:00pm 7/17/08 1:00pm