Liam Gallagher's Fashion Line Reminds Us Just How Vanilla The 90s Were

Do you remember Liam and Patsy? Oasis v. Blur? Britpop and Cool Britannia? If so, you may be curious to know what aging musician Liam Gallagher's been up to: trying his mightiest to ride the 90s nostalgia wave all the way to the bank. Not that we can blame him! » 6/04/09 7:00pm 6/04/09 7:00pm

The Terrorists Have Won: Hooters Invades The UK

Hooters, the "breastaurant" chain birthed in Florida, is currently spreading like a virus around the globe and has set its sights on Mother England. There is one Hooters in Great Britain — in Nottingham — but the company plans to have a whopping 36 locations in the UK by 2012. In today's Guardian, Julie Bindel (who… » 4/11/08 3:00pm 4/11/08 3:00pm