The Cookie Diet: Celebs Love It, Nutritionists Hate It

Could you live off of six cookies a day, plus a small meal? The newest diet trend asks you to do just that, earning both accolades from celebrities and a batch of imitators. But does it work? » 10/21/09 6:30pm 10/21/09 6:30pm

Loose Lips

Ashlee Simpson done got knocked up by boyfriend/ brand new fiancé Pete Wentz, says Us. BUT! In an email to MTV News, Wentz denies sperminating Ashlee. Oooh, drama! • Madge's husband, Guy Ritchie, allegedly lost weight on the cookie diet, which involves eating only one meal a day — dinner — plus up to six cookies. "My… » 4/14/08 5:40pm 4/14/08 5:40pm