September Is Here! J. Crew Celebrates With Cardigans And Kids

Ready for autumn? J. Crew's September catalog lures shoppers with bright sweaters, dark tights and wistfully messy hair. Everything looks romantic shot against the cobblestoned background of Prague, and I'm totally falling »8/29/08 2:00pm8/29/08 2:00pm (heh) for pretty much everything on every damn page, including the kids. Shimmering skirts,…

Charity Cases: How Much Expensive Shit Is In The September Ladymags?

As you know, we've been adding up »8/26/08 12:20pm8/26/08 12:20pm the items in the thick September issues of the major women's magazines. And the extravagance is really quite vulgar! So far we've seen a $135,000 Louis Vuitton diamond-encrusted watch, a Chanel dress which would set one back $17,355 and a Fendi 24K-gold mink coat for $64,300. All this…

The Hilary Duff Credit Card: Great For Separating Girls From Their Greenbacks

Usher, Hilary Duff, Elvis Presley and KISS are among the celebrities who have branded credit cards. Hilary's is a prepaid Visa gift card, said to help teach tweens about managing money. When you use Elvis' Platinum Plus Visa card, a percentage goes to a charity benefiting homeless families. But seriously, why does… »11/12/07 1:00pm11/12/07 1:00pm

New Technology Works To Keep Women Broke, Depressed, Materialistic

Just in case shopping online looking at lots and lots of stuff you desperately want but can't afford isn't fun enough, we have news for you. A new application called Polyvore enables users to grab images from around the web (and any images others have uploaded) and create "sets" — ensembles of individual items,… »10/11/07 12:00pm10/11/07 12:00pm