'Show Your Boss Your Whore Pills' Bill Killed by Arizona Senate

Arizona's dumb bill that would have given employers the right to peek into their female employees' medical records to make sure a strumpet wasn't using contraception in a way contrary to her boss's moral beliefs is dead after being voted down in the state Senate. But now's not the time for opponents of the bill to… »3/28/12 4:09pm3/28/12 4:09pm


Are Pharmacists Lying to Keep Teenage Hussies Pregnant?

A new study has unearthed something in the world of pharmacy more depressing than filled pediatric cancer-fighting prescriptions that never get picked up: it appears that across the country, pill-dispensing professionals are giving teenage girls misinformation about the morning after pill's legality and availability.… »3/26/12 2:15pm3/26/12 2:15pm