Conservative Women's Group Launches Multimillion Dollar 'Health Care Law is Icky' Campaign

The hilariously-named Concerned Women for America (motto: Won't someone please THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!) is launching a $6 million ad campaign informing voters in swing states that the Affordable Care Act is a terrible abomination. At the end of the commercial, the Concerned Women take their rubber masks off to reveal… »6/20/12 9:00pm6/20/12 9:00pm

Why a Wife Beater, Mail Order Bride Service, and Men's Rights Group Improbably Joined Forces

The House of Representatives is debating a stripped down version of the Violence Against Women Act introduced by a cabal of Republicans who thought that the Democrats' proposed inclusion of undocumented, Native, and lesbian women went too far and "watered down" the definition of violence. The Violence Against Some… »5/16/12 4:40pm5/16/12 4:40pm