The No-Stilettos Rule: My Approach As A Woman Creating Scifi Book Covers


How do you create a book cover that really sells the story to its audience? How do you package a book with a badass woman protagonist without relying on bare midriffs and spiky heels? Muddy Colors columnist Lauren Panepinto explains how she approaches cover art in her role as Orbit Books' Creative Director. »3/20/15 3:20pm3/20/15 3:20pm



Artist drew himself and his cat in 100 different cartoonists' styles

For his Mikenesses series, Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors cartoonist Mike Holmes drew himself (often accompanied by his cat Ella) in the styles of more than 100 different cartoonists and animators. It's a neat study that shows a real understanding of the styles—and it's also incredibly charming. »12/16/13 9:03pm12/16/13 9:03pm