The No-Stilettos Rule: My Approach As A Woman Creating Scifi Book Covers


How do you create a book cover that really sells the story to its audience? How do you package a book with a badass woman protagonist without relying on bare midriffs and spiky heels? Muddy Colors columnist Lauren Panepinto explains how she approaches cover art in her role as Orbit Books' Creative Director. » 3/20/15 3:20pm 3/20/15 3:20pm


Now THIS Is How The Legend Of Korra Really Should Have Ended

We loved the finale of The Legend of Korra, but there was one tiny thing that didn't happen in the episode's final moments that we were really hoping would happen. Fortunately, a fan animation has given us the moment we were missing. Spoilers ahead. » 12/21/14 1:12pm 12/21/14 1:12pm

Hijab-Wearing Lady Draws Herself As Different Marvel Superheroes

Nour Saleh wears a hijab, so when she recently took up a Tumblr challenge to draw herself as different fictional characters, she incorporated a headscarf into various superhero designs—often with very clever results. » 7/03/14 3:54pm 7/03/14 3:54pm

Stunning Frozen Concept Art Reveals The Snow Queen You Didn't See

Snowy, Nordic fairy tale Frozen could have been wildly different from what we saw in theaters. Check out the whole other movie Disney almost made, in this astounding collection of concept art. » 2/22/14 3:45pm 2/22/14 3:45pm

Muslim Wonder Woman redesign puts Diana in a headscarf

Artist flowercrownprincess envisions Wonder Woman as a hijab-wearing Muslim superhero, who is ready to battle evil in both armor and a headscarf. » 2/17/14 9:53pm 2/17/14 9:53pm

Where armor meets corset

These are by Andrew Kanounov. And while it would obviously require a ton of time, measurements, and money to get one, don't you just wish you could? » 2/16/14 8:15pm 2/16/14 8:15pm

Artist perfectly captures genderswapped Disney princesses

Animation student Miyuli decided to spend some time re-designing Disney princesses as their opposite gender. Now what needs to happen is a team up between these and the princesses in their princes' clothes. Come on, Internet! » 2/02/14 6:00pm 2/02/14 6:00pm

Disney Villain Perfume Line is Drop Dead Gorgeous

If Disney ever does get into the fancy perfumery business they had better use these brilliant little bottles for packaging. Gaston: a musky cologne with a hint of whisky, tobacco and stag fur. Ursula: a brine infused scent with a touch of sea grass. We could do this all day... » 1/09/14 9:00pm 1/09/14 9:00pm

Artist drew himself and his cat in 100 different cartoonists' styles

For his Mikenesses series, Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors cartoonist Mike Holmes drew himself (often accompanied by his cat Ella) in the styles of more than 100 different cartoonists and animators. It's a neat study that shows a real understanding of the styles—and it's also incredibly charming. » 12/16/13 9:03pm 12/16/13 9:03pm

Game of Thrones ladies get melancholy Mucha-style theater posters

Artist Elin Jonsson channels Alphonse Mucha for a series of prints inspired by the Art Nouveau illustrator's theater posters. Four ladies from Game of Thrones each get a turn in the starring role. » 10/05/13 6:00pm 10/05/13 6:00pm

Scifi and fantasy ladies pose as Rosie the Riveter for Labor Day

Labor Day isn't just an excuse to barbecue or squeeze in one last trip to the beach; it's also the day we remember the contributions of workers to society. These scifi, fantasy, and superheroines pay tribute to the wartime labor icon Rosie the Riveter—and show off their guns. » 9/02/13 5:46pm 9/02/13 5:46pm

Photographs of foodstuff and beverages cut in half

After a client asked them to photograph a burrito cut neatly in half, food photographer Beth Galton and food stylist Charlotte Omnès decided to portray the interior of other packaged and processed foods, giving us an unusual view of everyday foods. » 5/12/13 9:26pm 5/12/13 9:26pm

Michonne channels Beyoncé for a "Single Ladies" dance with the zombies

On this week's The Line it is Drawn, Comic Book Resources asked artists to place comic book characters in music videos. We're partial to Marco D’Alfonso's Walking Dead/"Single Ladies" mashup, with Michonne's zombie companions as her backup dancers. » 5/05/13 12:12pm 5/05/13 12:12pm

Cuddle up with these sloths dressed as Disney Princesses

Because every day could use a little more sloth in it, artist Phillip Light drew a series of silly sketches of Disney Princesses reimagined as one of our favorite tree-dwelling mammals. But finding your one true love is so much harder when...Zzzzzzzzzzzz. » 4/21/13 10:14pm 4/21/13 10:14pm

Short-haired, armored Wonder Woman is ready for battle

Artist Rahzzah gives Diana of Themyscira a warrior goddess redesign, shearing off her curly locks and outfitting her with armor based on her "W" symbol. Rahzzah admits that the golden eagles on her shoulders might make raising her arms difficult, but otherwise, Wonder Woman looks ready for the fight. » 1/06/13 10:45pm 1/06/13 10:45pm