Tech-Obsessed Jerks Care More About Their Dumb Phones Than Their Wedding Rings

Adults these days! According to a new survey, Americans report that they'd find it more stressful to lose their phone than they would to lose their wedding ring, because one is a symbol of an everlasting commitment and the other is just a chintzy piece of jewelry some priest said magic over. »6/21/12 2:00pm6/21/12 2:00pm

NYC Businesses Are Making Tons of Cash Off Kids' Cell Phones

88 public NYC high schools and middle schools charge kids a dollar a day to store their cell phones in trucks or nearby bodegas while they're in class so they can't text their friends emojis during pre-calc. The New York Post says this adds up to $4.2 million a year — that's $22,800 a day from about 120,000 students… »6/18/12 10:50am6/18/12 10:50am

Hilarious Crazy Lady Commandeers Sweden's Twitter Feed, Has Questions About Jews

Governments are usually so boring, right? (At least on the surface.) America is such a bunch of liars. American political PR is all about paving over human weirdnesses with neutered, socially acceptable "types"—Family Mans, Soccer Moms, Joes-the-Plumber—when you know in secret these dudes are pooping in diapers (… »6/14/12 7:00pm6/14/12 7:00pm

Model Who Livetweeted Being Hit on by Creepy Guy on Airplane is Lying, Says Creepy Guy

Last week, model Melissa Stetten had the apparent misfortune of sitting next to soap actor Brian Presley on a plane. According to Stetten's Twitter feed, Presley lied about not having a wife and was drinking beer the whole time, which is interesting because he has a wife and kids and is usually pretty sanctimonious… »6/12/12 6:40pm6/12/12 6:40pm

A Latvian Airline Really Wants Its Passengers to Make In-Flight Friends

Airlines have noticed that hurtling through the sky in a shrieking tube of metal while fending off questions like, "What's that you're reading, neighbor?" from your socially oblivious seatmate is downright unpleasant, so they're trying really hard to make it be less unpleasant by implementing all sorts of… »6/09/12 5:00pm6/09/12 5:00pm

Crap Email From a Dude: '$30, and Then We're Square'

In theory, preemptive Facebook stalking should serve to help would-be blind daters avoid an awkward first encounter. In practice, it can entangle you in a web of awkwardness and obligation, and then give people you never care to speak to again a means to contact you — crappily. In today's edition of Crap Email from a… »6/08/12 5:40pm6/08/12 5:40pm

We're All So Busy Texting That We Forgot How to Talk to Each Other

Remember those good old days when we all used to sit around in the parlor and snipe cleverly to each other's faces? Remember when we used to spend hours (and $$) making long-distance calls to our far flung loved ones? Remember when we used to leave each other voicemails? Man, those were the days. But now it is all… »6/04/12 10:50am6/04/12 10:50am