Data Crunch: U.S. Women Really Need the Affordable Care Act

Commonwealth Fund researchers studied differences in how women in the U.S. deal with health care as opposed to women in 10 other countries that offer universal health insurance coverage and, predictably, found some huge disparities between women with government-funded health care (you know, communists) and women in… »7/13/12 1:15pm7/13/12 1:15pm

Holy Christ, One in Four Americans Didn't Have Health Insurance Last Year

Remember back during the heady days of the 2008 election—before the economy went into full meltdown mode—when all anyone could talk about was how fucked up our health insurance coverage in this country was? The news was all about how the current system was failing so many people, and even the Republicans agreed we… »4/20/12 12:20pm4/20/12 12:20pm