Yup, My Nasty Chuck Taylors Can Pretty Much Sum Up The Human Condition

What is it about Converse shoes everyone always has to fetishize? America is asking itself on the hundredth anniversary of the company, which is not actually a company but a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nike Inc., not that you care, because you understand; these things happen. As Hank Stuever says: "It is not an angry… » 3/28/08 12:30pm 3/28/08 12:30pm

The iPhone Line. Is Stupid.

Camping out for consumer goods is sort of a boy thing. Boys are always lining up for sneakers and XBox games, but you don't see women camp out at Target and H&M days before the next hotly-anticipated high-low JV. Do you? [Uh, yes. -Ed.] Well whatever. The iPhone is supposed to be insanely coveted among women — divorced… » 6/29/07 7:08pm 6/29/07 7:08pm