Having A Bad Cold Is Basically Like Being Wasted

You now have a scientific excuse to call in sick to work: according to a small study, driving with a bad cold is just as dangerous as drunk-driving. » 1/04/12 3:50pm 1/04/12 3:50pm

Scary Sounding Drug Could Actually Cure Colds And Ebola

A drug with the villainous name of "Draco" shows promise against viruses from the common cold to Ebola. But it still needs to be tested in humans. » 12/20/11 12:00pm 12/20/11 12:00pm

Today In Awesome Health News: Have A Glass Of Wine & A Hot Bath To…

Something something high temperatures something something antioxidants. Who cares. Boozing in the bath sounds lovely, and for once, science is recommending something we actually enjoy. » 12/01/11 4:10pm 12/01/11 4:10pm