Texas Hospital Reverses Terribly Dumb 'No Fatties' Rule

After several days of public pressure, Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, Texas has reversed its controversial hiring policy that required all job applicants refrain from doing undoctory things like being obese or not looking like how old people think a doctor should look. The hospital's not saying much about the… »4/12/12 6:45pm4/12/12 6:45pm


Hospital Under Fire for Unpopular 'No Fatties' Policy

Last year, a medical center in Texas quietly instituted controversial rule — a hiring policy that bars any applicant from consideration for a job there if they have a Body Mass Index of over 35 or if they project an image that somehow conflicts with how patients think doctors and nurses should look. And even though… »4/09/12 5:45pm4/09/12 5:45pm