We Reread Fall Into Darkness and Good God Almighty It Was Lurid

As part of this series, I've reread several YA classics fondly remembered for their thrills and chills. None were so delightfully age inappropriate as Christopher Pike's 1990 page-turner Fall Into Darkness, about a girl falsely accused of her best friend's murder. But she's been framed... BY HER ALLEGEDLY DEAD FRIEND. »10/30/14 4:30pm10/30/14 4:30pm

Vote on Which Books to Include in Our Spooky Scary Halloween Book Club!

Admit it: You had at least one encounter with a tween terror classic that left you scared shitless, cowering under the covers. Or at least very, very jumpy in the dark. This Halloween, Jezebel will be celebrating our adolescent nightmares with a special Spooky Scary YA Book Club. Help us pick what to read! »10/03/14 4:40pm10/03/14 4:40pm