Did This Budweiser Commercial Just Make Me Feel Emotions?

As I'm sure you've noticed, all the big fancy 2013 Super Bowl ads are trickling on to the internet this week—from the return of the E-Trade baby (AN ABOMINATION) to this hot lady making out with a nerd (fun fact: they blurred out the tongues on the Today Show). Now here's another one. And, confession, it made me… »2/01/13 4:00pm2/01/13 4:00pm


Christian The Lion: The Movie • UK Begins HPV Vaccine Program In Earnest

Sony Pictures is currently in the process of securing the life-story rights »9/05/08 5:20pm9/05/08 5:20pm of John Rendall and Anthony Bourke (stars of the Christian: The Lion YouTube video) to make a feature film about their feline friend. • Britain has started a nationwide that will target 600,000 girls, beginning at the age of 12. • A new…

Meredith Vieira Lands Interview With Former Owners Of "Christian The Lion"

By now, pretty much everyone in America has seen the YouTube video starring Christian the Lion »7/30/08 1:30pm7/30/08 1:30pm, a lion cub bought in London by friends John Rendell and Ace Bourke in the 1960s, relocated to Kenya soon afterwards, and then reunited with Rendell and Bourke a little over a year later. The show's producers tracked down…