Tim Gunn Saw J. Edgar Hoover Cross-Dress

Speaking at the 92Y last night, Project Runway mentor and all-around great human being Tim Gunn said of Season 8, "I had never been part of a season of the show where I found the judges' decision-making to be more...incomprehensible." » 11/15/10 5:50pm 11/15/10 5:50pm

Posh Wants To Dress Michelle; Supermodel Calls Women's Day "Absurd"

Candie's Captures Haunted Look In Britney's Eyes; Kate Moss Engaged?

Anna's Political Ambitions; What Lindsay Likes, Lindsay Takes

Kim Kardashian's Perfume "Truly...Speaks To My Fans" (What Does It Tell…

Chris Brown Parties After Sentencing; Jon Gosselin Gets Stitches After…

Coming Soon: Team Sparklevamp Capitalism!

Wild Life

Cuddly former Project Runway contestant Chris March did a photo shoot for a publication called New York Tyrant, and the theme, of course, was "bears." Tell us: Are we alone here? Or does Mr. March look a wee uncomfortable? Click the image at left to see additional pix. [Html Giant] » 12/04/08 6:15pm 12/04/08 6:15pm

Kissing Sean Penn: "Dry"

Imagine: A Project Runway Inauguration Dress For Michelle Obama

The Daily Beast » 11/06/08 1:00pm 11/06/08 1:00pm issued a challenge to former designers: . (At the time, Obama's win was not confirmed.) And! As with all challenges, there was a twist: The designers could only use Laura Bush's 2005 Inaugural Ball dress, an American flag, burlap potato sacks and $10 worth of trims of their choice. The resulting…

Project Runway: Hiding Your Candy Is Such A Drag

Last night's episode of Project Runway » 8/21/08 11:00am 8/21/08 11:00am featured special guest star former contestant Chris March dressed like a disco Valkyrie. The challenge: To design a look for a drag queen. And the larger than life personalities took over! Annida Greenkard! Hedda Lettuce! Sherry Vine! The contestants had a $200 budget, and the…

Cry-Baby: The Musical: Tasteless In Form And Fashion

"Brace yourself for a shock, theatergoers. There's no delicate way of putting this. 'Cry-Baby,' the latest Broadway musical based on a John Waters movie, is... tasteless. Why aren't you shocked? Oh, I see. You thought that I meant the show that opened last night at the Marquis Theater was in bad taste....When I said… » 4/25/08 11:30am 4/25/08 11:30am

Project Runway Finale, Part I: Welcome To The "Monkey House"

Last night on Project Runway: Home visits! There's something so real about the finalists introducing Tim Gunn to where they live and work, and who they love. (Let's not forget that, during season 1, this episode yielded one of the greatest moments in Project Runway history, when Jay McCarroll met Tim out in his lawn… » 2/28/08 3:00pm 2/28/08 3:00pm

Project Runway Reunion Special: Michael Kors Bursts A Seam

Considering how dull the Project Runway cast has been all season, last night's PR reunion special seemed like gift from above. Gunn, Klum, Kors, Garcia, and all the designers gathered together to both laugh and scowl at one another — and of course, revel in "previously unseen" footage. Special moments abounded, like… » 2/21/08 5:00pm 2/21/08 5:00pm

Giorgio Armani Insults Anna Wintour To Her Face

Regis & Kelly Make Project Runway Designers Feel Bad About Themselves

This morning, the final quartet of designers from Project Runway season 4 — Christian Siriano, Jillian Lewis, Rami Kashou, and Chris March — dropped by Live with Regis and Kelly for a little chat, as Heidi would say. Sadly, what should have been a light and buoyant interview came across as, well, somewhat… » 2/20/08 12:00pm 2/20/08 12:00pm

Project Runway: "What Is More Fantasy Than Peacock Tail?"

Last night was one of the weirdest Project Runway episodes ever. It was the last real ep before the reunion special and two-part finale: Ay, so close to the end! As you know, it's down to Rami, Sweet P, Christian, Chris March and Jillian, and Heidi told the designers that once again, they were off on a field trip. But… » 2/14/08 3:00pm 2/14/08 3:00pm

Project Runway Season Finale - Chris March

Let's hear it for Chris March, the darling teddy bear of Project Runway Season 4. The crowd went wild when he came out this morning and his collection was, well, a little wild! Yak-hair sleeves? Really? There were a few pieces that were very much off the mark, but others were decadent and glamorous, particularly the… » 2/08/08 1:30pm 2/08/08 1:30pm

Ferocia Coutura Will Spray You In The Eyes And Knock You When You're…

Last night's challenge on Project Runway was the most insane thing ever. And not insane in a "make-a-dress-out-of-corn-husks" sort of way. Nope, reaching a brand new plateau of wacky, this week the designers were introduced to the "divas" of the WWE and asked to design them new wrestling costumes. Initial reaction:… » 2/07/08 5:00pm 2/07/08 5:00pm