Britney Hates Mom For Getting Her Sober Long Enough To Realize How Fat And Miserable She Was

  • We can think of all sorts of really valid reasons Britney hates her ailing mom so much she couldn't visit her in the hospital on Mother's Day. But encouraging her to go to rehab? Not one of them. [Star via MSNBC]
  • Kate Hudson to a tearful (and hugging!) Cameron Diaz: I didn't sleep with your man, you know. Wait, what?…
  • »5/16/07 11:42am5/16/07 11:42am

HBO Honcho Beats Up Girlfriend; We Blame Floyd Mayweather, Tony Soprano

Is it a coincidence that HBO chairman Chris Albrecht was arrested for beating up a ladyfriend just hours after attending the ridiculously-hyped De La Hoya/Mayweather junior-middleweight championship? We think not! After all, ever since stiletto-stomping Carrie Bradshaw strolled off into the Parisian sunset in 2004,… »5/08/07 12:48pm5/08/07 12:48pm