Mick Foley Is A Man Of The Year

He may not have made Time's cover, but the awesome Mick Foley does appear on the Good Men Project's Top 10 Good Men of 2010 list. Also on there: the Chilean miners. » 12/16/10 6:46pm 12/16/10 6:46pm

Chilean Women Lock Themselves In A Mine As Protest

Thirty-three Chilean women have taken over a disused coal mine to protest the end of a government jobs program. A hundred other protesters have gathered at the mine entrance — no word on whether the crowd includes any mistresses. » 11/17/10 5:37pm 11/17/10 5:37pm

"Sexy Miner" is the "Balloon Boy" Of Halloween 2010

If you feel like you've been trapped for months deep within the boring recesses of non-sexiness, you're in luck. There's a light at the end of the tunnel! » 10/30/10 2:20pm 10/30/10 2:20pm

Miner Says No Sex, Some Fighting, Plenty Of Cooperation

After word of the Chilean miners' "Pact of Silence" got out, the rumors got to swirling. Now, Mario Sepulveda, an exuberant face of the 33, is breaking the pact to set the record straight. » 10/19/10 2:08pm 10/19/10 2:08pm

Three-Timing Miner Offered Deal With Cheating Website

Chilean miner Yonni Barrios caused a stir when he asked both his wife and his mistress to meet him on the surface. Now it turns out he has a third girlfriend — and an endorsement offer from AshleyMadison.com. Success! » 10/18/10 9:36am 10/18/10 9:36am

Hollywood Begins Working Itself Into A Chilean Miner Frenzy

Less than 24 hours after the last man was rescued, Discovery Channel is already planning a special on the Chilean miners. Also in development: A Spike reality show about American miners and a film about the rescue starring Javier Bardem. » 10/14/10 5:05pm 10/14/10 5:05pm

Wife Refuses To Meet Rescued Chilean Miner Because He Invited His…

Chilean miner Yonni Barrios' wife learned he'd had a mistress when she met her at a vigil for the trapped men. Barrios asked for both of them to be there when he was rescued. He only got half his wish. » 10/13/10 5:36pm 10/13/10 5:36pm

Alleged Sexter Brett Favre Might Lose His Denim Endorsement Deal

Chilean Miner Is The Proud Father Of A New Baby Named "Hope"

The wife of Ariel Ticona, one of the 33 miners trapped underground in Chile, has given birth to their third child. Though they planned to call the girl Carolina, she has been named Esperenza, which is Spanish for "Hope." » 9/15/10 2:24pm 9/15/10 2:24pm

Love Triangles Make Things Even Worse For Chilean Miners

As though the Chilean miners trapped underground for weeks needed more to worry about, their personal lives just got complicated — apparently their wives and mistresses are fighting it out on the surface. » 9/03/10 2:54pm 9/03/10 2:54pm