Republicans Fight To Loosen Regulation Of Children's Products

Now that they've voted to defund Planned Parenthood and NPR, an "emboldened" Republican House majority has embarked on another sleazy mission: Relax new safety regulations aimed at protecting children. The New York Times reports that the manufacturers of children's products are fighting the creation of a public… » 2/22/11 1:41pm 2/22/11 1:41pm

Unintentionally Perverse Kids Toys

From a delightful list of 15 inappropriately sexual toys, our favorites include the Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Vibrating Broomstick, a dildo-shaped Fr-ooze Pop that oozes goo from the tip, and this wondrously designed Batman water pistol. [Cracked] » 4/23/10 11:40am 4/23/10 11:40am