Should A Stolen Girl Be Returned To Her Parents In India?

Around eight years ago, two-year-old Zabeen was playing outside a tea shop in India with her four year old brother when her mother (pictured at left) stepped away for a moment. A motorized rickshaw pulled up, someone snatched Zabeen, and she was given a new name, biography and paperwork. She was then adopted to an… »8/22/08 4:40pm8/22/08 4:40pm

In China, Child Kidnappings Are An Equal Opportunity Affair

Last night saw the broadcast premiere of the documentary China's Stolen Children, in which filmmaker Jezza Neumann focuses on the epidemic of child kidnappings in the Olympic host country (some 70,000 a year) through the story of 5-year-old Chen Jie, who was snatched a few months prior to principal photography. The… »7/15/08 1:30pm7/15/08 1:30pm