We Love Cheap Stuff, But Fast Fashion Is Hard To Defend

As you may have read »8/21/08 2:00pm8/21/08 2:00pm, England's House of Lords recently passed judgment on the culture of "Fast Fashion" as epitomized by chains like H&M and Forever21, stating that it fosters a culture of irresponsible waste. While the high-handedness of a group of peers making such a pronouncement has been roundly denounced - and…


Your Clothes Are Not Made In America, Which Is Why You Can Afford Them

How much did you pay for the last item of clothing you purchased? Was it a bargain? As The New York Times reports: "As consumers adjust to soaring prices for gasoline, food, education and medical care, just about the only thing that seems a bargain today is clothes - mainstream clothes, anyway." Part of the reason… »5/30/08 1:00pm5/30/08 1:00pm