Women Protest Idiotic Aussie Mayor, Play Right Into His Fame Whorey Hands

Remember the Mayor of Jerktown »8/20/08 9:30am8/20/08 9:30am, er, Mount Isa, Australia, who tried to entice "beauty disadvantaged" women to his mostly-male town? Well, the women of Mount Isa (though Mayor John Molony probably wants them to - zing!). According to the local , angry citizens protested outside the City Council forecourt last night;…

"Every Girl Inherits The Princess Gene Which Dictates Her Desire For A Strong Male Role Model To Cosset Her"

The rampant jackassery of the UK tabloid the Daily Mail's "Femail" section is generally so ludicrous that it can't be taken seriously. Even so, there was an article today called "I'm A FEMALE Male Chauvinist - And Proud Of It" that's so hilariously sexist that we felt the need to call it out, along with the other,… »1/10/08 4:30pm1/10/08 4:30pm