Leona Helmsley's Dog May Not Talk, But He Can Sort Of Explain The Recession

Today's evidence the economy is going straight to the Inferno: 600 Starbucks stores are closing, which will leave a gaping hole in the anchor of countless strip malls and exurban power centers. Oil prices have sunk car sales and rentals to historic lows, and the fact no one is traveling anymore has left casinos »7/02/08 10:00am7/02/08 10:00am


Bitterroot, Or How We Came To Discuss Charlie Black And Mark Penn

Moe's off having a coughing fit and "enjoying" the side effects of DayQuil, so it's up to me to introduce you to one of John McCain's top advisors Charlie Black, aka, The Man Who Can't Be Fired. God, I want to be this guy, and not just because I keep getting fired. He can fuck up, he can have a negative story… »6/03/08 10:00am6/03/08 10:00am