When We Grow Up, We Hope We Look Like Helena Christensen

She was always our favorite of the supermodels from the era of the supermodels. And now, at the age of 39, Helena Christensen is hotter than ever. And we don't mean "hot" as in "Isn't it nice that she's still buzzed about and people still want to take her picture and she has that little store in NYC's West Village."… » 6/05/07 5:05pm 6/05/07 5:05pm

Model Liya Kebede Rocks The Animal Print

She's a mother. She's out saving children in Africa. (She's the black Angelina Jolie!!!) If we didn't adore Liya Kebede, she'd totally be one of those women on our shit list. » 6/05/07 4:16pm 6/05/07 4:16pm

Eva Mendes + Hot Pink = On Fire

If we could, we would grab Eva Mendes by the shoulders, ask her to promise us to never wear another animal print ever again, and stock her closet with back-to-back-to-back reproductions of this perfect hot pink sheath. Also, way to rock the side-boob! » 6/05/07 3:28pm 6/05/07 3:28pm

Claire Danes Turns That Frown Upside Down

We've always thought Claire Danes is a pretentious sourpuss, but dare we detect a hint of a smile on her face? Also, though we hate to say it, she looks real pretty. Whatever! » 6/05/07 1:05pm 6/05/07 1:05pm