Katherine Heigl Sorry That Shonda Rhimes Has Crappy Impression of Her

During an interview with Extra, Katherine Heigl discussed the bad blood that continues to exist between her and her former boss Shonda Rhimes. "I'm sorry [Rhimes] is left with such a crappy impression of me," she told Mario Lopez. Wait a minute! Is Katherine petitioning to reenter Shondaland?! » 11/18/14 2:10pm Tuesday 2:10pm

Khloe Kardashian's KKK Joke Does Not Go Over Well on Instagram

Pop quiz! You're a non-black woman who's a part of a large (and very famous) multi-cultural family wherein many of your siblings date or are married to black men. Do you: A.) do your best to listen and educate yourself about your non-white loved ones' cultural history? Or B.) Post a Ku Klux Klan joke to your 14.5… » 11/12/14 10:20am 11/12/14 10:20am

Matt Damon Has Seen Ben Affleck's Dick Like a Million Times

In the late '90s, a power couple emerged from the streets of Boston to take the world by storm. Passionate, creative and attractive, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck had a love for their art that was matched (and surpassed) only by their love for each other. And as so happens when you spend enough time in close proximity… » 11/10/14 10:10am 11/10/14 10:10am

Madonna's Homeless Brother: My Sister 'Doesn't Care if I'm Dead'

Anthony Ciccone, one of Madonna's six siblings, has reportedly been destitute and living homeless for years. Sources say that majority of his brothers and sisters have now given up after years of trying to get him on his feet. "The truth is [Madonna] doesn't care if I'm dead. I doubt she'd even recognize me," he told » 11/04/14 10:30am 11/04/14 10:30am

Attention: Janet Jackson Went Outside

Janet Jackson stepped out from her diamond-laden, gold-dipped (I assume ... ) mansion with her husband Arab businessman Wissam Al Mana over the weekend. Paparazzi made sure they were at the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience to catch the real elusive chanteuse in action, since she's hasn't been seen publicly since 2013's… » 11/03/14 4:50pm 11/03/14 4:50pm

Chris Brown Thinks You Should All Get Over Being Mad at Chris Brown

Speaking on Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning, Chris Brown reflected on the 2009 incident during which he assaulted and battered then-girlfriend Rihanna. A full five years later, Breezy wants you to know that he's remorseful and really hoping that you hearing that will be enough to finally shut you up about it. » 11/03/14 10:30am 11/03/14 10:30am

Watch Lady Gaga Do Her Best 4 Non Blondes Impression

The 1990s are back and that means flannels, overalls, mini backpack purses and ... the 4 Non Blondes? Yes, if you're Lady Gaga the resurgence includes singing the angry hit "What's Up?," everyone's favorite drunken karaoke song, completely sober and with all of your faculties during a concert. I said hey! » 11/03/14 10:10am 11/03/14 10:10am

Hi Haters: Jay Z and Beyoncé Still Love Each Other

Not only does Beyoncé have new bangs, but apparently she's also got some brand new vows to go with them. After a summer where the "Drunk In Love" power couple maybe had marital troubles or maybe were totally fine, or maybe were stringing us all along to sell concert tickets, they have reportedly renewed their wedding… » 10/22/14 6:50pm 10/22/14 6:50pm