NY Times Discovers That Women Like Hollywood And Washington…

Today's New York Times 'Thursday Styles' section takes a minute to note that other, less high-brow publications have suddenly gotten interested in politics. In fact, they report that everyone from People to US Weekly to TMZ to Inside Edition are covering the race alongside less important stories like Britney's recent… » 5/08/08 2:30pm 5/08/08 2:30pm

Just Asking: Dannielynn's DNA Result

The question of who fathered Anna Nicole Smith's baby girl Dannielynn has been perhaps the biggest paternity puzzle since some virgin got knocked up around 2000 years ago. Now, as everyone knows, the mystery of Dannielynn's paternity was solved on April 10 when doctors revealed that photographer Larry Birkhead is… » 4/11/07 11:27pm 4/11/07 11:27pm