Lindsay Lohan Takes Her Squandered Talent To Jail For 30 Days

Depressing substance-addled celebrity Lindsay Lohan has been ordered by a judge to spend 30 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation. Those in the know say that she's probably more likely to serve about 6 days. » 11/02/11 3:26pm 11/02/11 3:26pm

Roman Polanski, Amanda Knox, And The Problem Of Celebrity Criminals

This week's New Yorker offers a look at the ways Roman Polanski's celebrity has both helped and hurt him — and his case shows striking parallels to that of the other high-profile defendant du jour, Amanda Knox. » 12/07/09 1:00pm 12/07/09 1:00pm

Anna Nicole's Daughter Misses Out On Dolls

Last night I took a moment to duck into the party for Rita Cosby's just-released new expose on Anna Nicole Smith's death. And who was there but one of my favorite cable news/E! fixtures, Virgie Arthur, mother of Anna Nicole herself. (Natalee Holloway's mom turned up too — in fishnets and black knee boots.) The real… » 10/04/07 6:30pm 10/04/07 6:30pm