Celebrity Dolls Are Terrifying

In this gallery of bad celebrity dolls, Princess Diana looks like Janet Reno; Teri Hatcher looks like Cher and there's something… wrong… with Harry Potter's crotch. Not included, for some reason? Boy George. [The Sun] » 3/22/10 1:30pm 3/22/10 1:30pm

Just Patchy

US Magazine's quiz " Guess the Celeb Cabbage Patch Doll! » 9/24/08 1:40pm 9/24/08 1:40pm" is complete bullshit. Because all Cabbage Patch dolls essentially look like fetal pigs, the dolls have been tricked out with all kinds of super-obvious props and set-pieces to make the "resemblances" clear. The Bush doll is wearing a friggin' Bush button! Okay,…