We Live in a Country Where Two-Year-Olds are Getting Root Canals

Sick of hearing about sugar and all the ways it's wrecking our bodies? Too bad: Today there's yet another scary report about the hazards of sweetness. Today's New York Times goes inside an oral surgery operating room where a two-and-a-half year old is getting a root canal and some fillings, because 11 of his 20 baby… »3/06/12 11:20am3/06/12 11:20am


The Value Of Your Torturous Dental Work Is Drawn Into Question

Technological advancements mean that dentists now have an even better idea of what your Coke and Snickers bar addictions are doing to your teeth. That seems like great news, but it actually has some people worried — and not just because it makes it harder to avoid the dentist's disapproving looks. Some people are… »11/29/11 12:50pm11/29/11 12:50pm