Real Housewives Reunion: Alex McCord, Husband Can't Keep Story Straight On Nude Photos

OMG! How awesome was the Real Housewives of New York City reunion special last night? The women all 'took it there', and didn't let each other off the hook for anything, giving us tons to talk about. First of all, how bullshit is it that Simon and Alex tried to say they aren't social climbers when they admitted it on… »4/23/08 2:40pm4/23/08 2:40pm

Cathy Horyn Still Talking About Marc Jacobs; London Fashion Week Sounds Fun

  • NY Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn continues to stick up for homeboy Marc Jacobs on her blog, disclosing that he personally dressed all of the models in his much-delayed show and that "if you're always under pressure, I suppose you're going to be more sensitive to the things you absolutely can control." Aw, tear? […
  • »9/19/07 10:00am9/19/07 10:00am

Friends Of 'Vogue': Too Emaciated And Weak To Hand-Carry Their Own Copies?

  • Would you like a limited-edition carrying case with your ninety-pound September Vogue? Yeah, sorry, you only get one of you're an "FOV" — which we think is sort of like being an "SOB." [The Fashion Informer]
  • Did you know Sting named his daughter "Fuschia"? She just mutilated her Dior gown. "Galliano would kill me,"…
  • »9/18/07 10:30am9/18/07 10:30am

Style Ditto: Shove Over Lily Allen, Look Who's Coming To 'New Look'!

  • "If I could just do one thing for 24 hours it would be [have sex] . . . or sew. Or have sex while sewing. Or sew an outfit to have sex in." So says singer Beth Ditto, which is why the plus-sized Ditto is now collaborating with New Look to become the most unlikely (and kinda awesome!) celebrity clothing endorser yet. [
  • »7/03/07 10:28am7/03/07 10:28am