JLaw's Ex-Boyfriend Will Play Role of J.D. Salinger in Biopic

Yes, he has a name: Nicholas Hoult. But how many of us learned about him via the persistent stream of Jennifer Lawrence media coverage? In any case, Gothamist reports that Hoult has been cast as Catcher in the Rye author J.D. Salinger in the upcoming—and oh so cleverly named—biopic, Rebel in the Rye. » 8/31/15 9:15pm Monday 9:15pm

'Gossip Girl': Depressing, Delicious Eye-Candy

If you're anything like us, then you've also been counting down the days until the premiere of TV's latest trashfest Gossip Girl. In case you are still pretending that you are too smart to know what this is, it's The O.C. revisited: New York prep schoolers with more money than we'll ever have, having more sex than...… » 9/19/07 1:00pm 9/19/07 1:00pm