Cat Reported To Police For Underwear Theft

Fearing neighbors would suspect a human prowler, a British couple told authorities their cat Oscar stole more than 70 items, including socks, rubber gloves, and underwear. They say Oscar's proud of his "presents" and "would drop them at our feet." » 7/12/10 11:17am 7/12/10 11:17am

Real Cat Burglar Snatches Toys • Principal Blames South Park For…

• An English cat named Frankie has been accused of stealing 35 soft toys from neighboring houses over the past year. • Vets in Boston have performed an unusual surgery in which they reattached a 4-year-old cat's face following a brutal accident involving a car's fan belt. • A new US law states that freight ships must » 12/09/08 5:20pm 12/09/08 5:20pm