Bored Government Employees Posting Craigslist Ads for 'Shutdown Sex'

What do you do when you're a young public sector go-getter who suddenly finds herself bored, homebound, and sans paycheck thanks to the government shutdown? Something cheap, something stress relieving, something easy — why not post an ad to Craigslist's casual encounters section for "shutdown sex"? You certainly… »10/04/13 3:50pm10/04/13 3:50pm


Missed Opportunities: Craigslist Rife With Election Night Hook Ups

Did you look for someone to stuff your ballot on election night? You're not alone. During stressful times, many people relieve the anxiety with intimate relations. It's actually a pretty healthy way to get out all the craziness inside, right? Just bring all that election angst into the bedroom and work those sexxxxy… »11/07/12 12:40pm11/07/12 12:40pm