Gerard Butler Punches Pap, Earns Anna Wintour's Love

  • So you know how Gerard Butler kicked a paparazzi's ass yesterday? He was definitely provoked. After Gerard allegedly got out of the limo and punched the dude in the face, the photog continued following Butler for more than an hour before going to the hospital. Plus, he called a lawyer before calling the cops. [TMZ]
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Updates On DJ AM & Travis Barker's Plane Crash; Tina Fey Loses Purse At Emmys

  • Following the terrible plane crash in which drummer Travis Barker and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein were seriously injured, there were reports that Chris Baker, Travis's friend and business partner, was on his way to be home with his pregnant wife. These reports were erroneous. [Yahoo News via E!]
  • Both Lindsay and Sam…
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This Week In Tabloids: Jamie Lynn Is Jilted, Angelina Is Hormonal

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, where we wade in murky magazine waters so you don't have to. This week has tabloid stalwarts the Jolie-Pitts featured on two covers: Shiloh's wee face is plastered all over Ok!, while Brad and Angie's alleged marriage woes are featured in In Touch. Us scrapes the bottom of the… »6/11/08 1:00pm6/11/08 1:00pm