Blow Job Jokes Abound With Gross New BK Ad

Oh brother. "It'll blow your mind away," reads this new and annoying ad (via Singapore) from Burger King, which illustrates rather explicitly the link between food and sex, but in the most disturbing way. » 6/24/09 11:00am 6/24/09 11:00am

New York Strip Clubs Full of Tasty Meat

We're not sure what to make of the recent spate of mainstream food critics giving the thumbs up to the food at Manhattan mammary meccas (preceding term stolen from Page Six). First, New York Magazine's Gael Greene gave a nicely-manicured thumbs up to Hawaiian Tropic Zone, singling out its veal chop as "splendid" and… » 2/28/07 12:05pm 2/28/07 12:05pm