Carmen Marc Valvo, For The Academy Award Winner (Or At Least Nominee) In You

All of Valvo's looks from this year seem like something Angelia Jolie might slink around in at the Oscars: deep shades of merlot, burgundy and (of course) black, a collection described as "classic, moody" and "baroque." The designer says that the works of Edgar Allen Poe influenced the designs. Unfortunately, 25% of… »2/09/13 1:30pm2/09/13 1:30pm


"Designer" Peaches Geldof Is Inspired By Bram Stoker, The Cure, Privilege

  • It girl, celeb spawn, columnist and designer Peaches Geldof's design inspirations: “I looked at icons like Siouxsie Sioux and Robert Smith, and took notes from Gothic novels like 'Dracula' — the cape came about while I read this.” [WWD]
  • Eric Clapton apparently has a custom Hermes, alligator-skin guitar case. It's…
  • »11/25/08 11:30am11/25/08 11:30am