Sofia Coppola To Design For Vuitton (We're Sure She's Earned It)

  • Sofia Coppola for some reason to design shoes and bags for Louis Vuitton. "It is understood the products will be sold worldwide and launched in Japan." Will she distract us from the crappy-looking shoes with a cool soundtrack? [WWD]
  • Kate Moss: The Movie. Maybe. [Graziavia The Cut]
  • Usher launches lingerie line. “Comfort…
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As Suspected, Milla Jovovich Happy, Eating

Unlike fellow designer Carmen Hawk — who seems to scowl whenever a photographer takes her picture — Milla Jovovich was all smiles the other night at the party for the apparel line Jovovich-Hawk. And, as we intimated earlier, it's no wonder: Milla is actually eating, reports People. "I'm gaining weight, which is fun,"… » 5/21/07 12:34am 5/21/07 12:34am