TV Doing A Great Job "Symbolically Annihilating" Women Over 40

A sharp, rather troubling essay by New York Times contributor Carina Chocano is running today about women, age and the media; it recalls, of course, all of the obvious anecdotes about the supposed "expiration dates" of models and actresses ("A friend knows an actress whose burglar alarm code - 2828 - serves as a… »11/17/12 5:15pm11/17/12 5:15pm


Baby Mama Is Fertile Ground For Mixed Feelings From Reviewers

Did you guys know Baby Mama comes out today? I don't know how you could know, since we've only been yammering about it for the past four months. Anyway, the reviews are in, and they are a mixed bag. For those late to the party, Baby Mama tells the story of Kate (Tina Fey), a woman in her late 30s who is desperate for… »4/25/08 2:30pm4/25/08 2:30pm