Barbie Goes Green; Berlin Sets Up Stalker Center

• From Anya Hindmarch to Barbie, the trend of "Green" handbags has officially run its course. • Prep author naturally turns to Laura Bush for new book. • Juno is on top of the DVD-sales charts, those Hills ads work! • Did you know that we ascribe gender stereotypes to women and men? Groundbreaking! • Norman Mailer's… » 4/24/08 5:30pm 4/24/08 5:30pm

Being A "Superfemme" Doesn't Sound So "Super-Fun"

Today, the Times of London, takes a trip across the English Channel to attend the "Women's Forum" in France (the Women's Forum sees itself as the female equivalent of the World Economic Forum) and is shocked to discover that many of the WF's high-powered participants are not al busted barren. These "superfemmes" or,… » 12/03/07 3:00pm 12/03/07 3:00pm