French Assembly Passes 'Burqa Ban'

• As expected, the French Assembly has indeed voted in favor of banning the full facial veil in public spaces; the measure extends to both burqas and niqabs. The bill is expected to be ratified by the Senate in September. » 7/13/10 5:12pm 7/13/10 5:12pm

Moving Pictures: The Most Talked-About Videos From Haiti

Facebook dispatches and Twitter updates from Haiti are helping revolutionize on-the-ground reporting, but the emotional impact of old-school moving pictures hammers the heartbreak - and horror - home. We've collected a few of the most visceral, blogged-about videos from the earthquake's aftermath. » 1/15/10 12:20pm 1/15/10 12:20pm

Mainstream Coverage Of White House Vs. Fox News Not So Fair Or Balanced

A couple of weeks after the White House declared war on Fox News (with communications director Anita Dunn saying on CNN, "Let's not pretend they're a news network the way CNN is"), peace talks have begun. » 10/29/09 10:00am 10/29/09 10:00am

Kid Reporter Wants Obama To Be His Homeboy

Damon Weaver, cutest reporter in the world (take that Anderson!), took his plea to interview Barack Obama to MSNBC earlier today. Stills of the cute-splosion are after the jump, clip at left.
» 1/02/09 1:30pm 1/02/09 1:30pm

Rachel, Katie & Campbell Are In Vogue

The Vogue issue featuring Rachel Maddow (alongside Katie Couric and Campbell Brown) is not the make-over disaster we feared, as you can see. It's also chock full of interesting bits — and we've got more. » 12/16/08 12:40pm 12/16/08 12:40pm

Are Pregnant Women Dulled By "Fuzz-Head" Hormones?

One of New York magazine's "Reasons To Love New York" is "Because Our Pregnant Women Kick Ass." The mag makes an example of Amy Poehler, noting that she's inspiring: » 12/15/08 12:30pm 12/15/08 12:30pm

Governor's Ball: Ed Rendell Is A Sexist Jerk; David Paterson Isn't

Some days there's news to be had, and some days all you can do is shake your head when a governor like Ed Rendell stereotypes working moms and single women all in a breath. Luckily, there are governors like David Paterson, who is really pissed about sexism in the legal profession (and in the New York State court… » 12/04/08 10:00am 12/04/08 10:00am

John McCain Should Not Look So Happy

John McCain should probably not look this happy, what with Obama killing it his commercial last night and then double-teaming it with Bill Clinton in a rally. But between annoying P.U.M.A.s, the media helping him out in his criticism and plenty of prognostication about how he could still win, I guess he does have a… » 10/30/08 10:00am 10/30/08 10:00am

Jon Stewart Asks CNN's Campbell Brown, "What IS Your Bias Against Bull?"

We've been fangirls » 10/28/08 12:30pm 10/28/08 12:30pm of Campbell Brown since she accused the McCain campaign of sexism for treating Palin like a "delicate flower," and we heartily enjoyed her appearance last night on the . Brown talked about her show, , being pregnant with baby number 2, and her throwdown with McCain spokesman/Megan's . If you'll…

Mortgage Meltdown? Awesome Barbara Ehrenreich Thinks We Should Get A…

Barack Obama has his first definitive lead in the polls, but it's not because America is full of optimists — or, at least the people parsing the polls don't think it is. Barbara Ehrenreich thinks we used to optimistic, though, and, in today's NY Times » 9/24/08 10:00am 9/24/08 10:00am, she calls everyone out for not being realistically pessimistic…

CNN's Campbell Brown Turns McCain's Accusation Of Sexism On Its Head

Campbell Brown, normally a little milquetoast for our tastes, got her Olbermann on last night and ranted us into fangirldom. Brown is sick and tired of the sexism that Sarah Palin is facing... from the McCain campaign. From not letting her give press conferences to not even allowing her to hear » 9/24/08 9:30am 9/24/08 9:30am questions from…

What Julia Allison & John McCain Have Done To Journalism

Since the world is ending around us, it's important to take note of what parts of our civilization fell and in what order. And, really, there's no one better at documenting mayhem than the original Wonkette (the rest of us are just pale imitations), Ana Marie Cox » 9/16/08 10:00am 9/16/08 10:00am, who now writes for 's . Today, Ana and I talk about…

Eva Mendes Doesn't Have To Hate Herself 'Cause She Knows She's Hot