Going Hungry Can Make You Crazy, But It May Keep You From Going Senile

If you are one of those lucky people who doesn't feel like a light-headed piece of crap when you fast, you might not be opposed to skipping meals a few times a week. The rest of you will probably not be as excited by this possibility. But what if fasting at regular intervals could help protect your brain against… » 2/20/12 4:20pm 2/20/12 4:20pm

Has Calorie Restriction Jumped The Shark?

Calorie restriction used to be cool in 2006 — and now it's back, with the Times Magazine covering a new study of ascetic eaters and their enviable "biomarkers." But in these lean times, the practice seems kind of dated. » 10/09/09 12:40pm 10/09/09 12:40pm

Should You Sleep In Saran Wrap? Eat Only Every Other Day? Elle Answers…

This I will say for Elle: The magazine's journalistic standards may be miles above their peers in fashion magazining, it might be the only women's magazine targeted at my age group I don't want to kill myself reading, but. Never did this publication let any sort of "mission" put a damper on its steady stream of… » 5/19/08 2:30pm 5/19/08 2:30pm