Watch Herman Cain Staunchly Refuse To Put Herman Cain's Presidential Campaign Out of Its Misery

Herman Cain held a press conference this afternoon expressly to address the multitude of sexual misconduct allegations against him by speaking mostly in the third person and calling his accusers liars. When asked if he would take a lie detector test, he acquiesced— on the condition that it was over something… »11/08/11 9:01pm11/08/11 9:01pm


Does Herman Cain's Behavior Really Count As Harassment? Witnesses Say Yes

From the way former employees of the National Restaurant Association are talking about the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain, you'd think everyone's first day involved a shirtless Brad Pitt cornering them in the hallway and explaining that the first and second rule of the NRA is that you don't talk… »11/04/11 12:20pm11/04/11 12:20pm

Cain's Accuser Won't Come Forward, Uninterested In Becoming Another Anita Hill

The woman who accused Herman Cain of sexual harassment while he was President of the National Restaurant Association (the more delicious NRA) has said, through her attorney, that she doesn't want to publicly reveal her identity or discuss details of the alleged inappropriate actions because she doesn't want to be… »11/03/11 2:40pm11/03/11 2:40pm